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Maid Marian: Legend of a Lady

 A Maid Marian Inspired Necklace

I put this together this morning, having planned on giving it a go for a few days.  I was too busy sewing before, but I suppose I needed a break from sewing, at least for a little.

Because I wanted something that spoke of Maid Marian’s character, I got creative. I’ve never done a necklace quite like this before, but it turned out better than I hoped.  I used black leather cording to give the necklace a feeling of strength and a slight ruggedness.

I used white freshwater pearls to give it an elegance and a special beauty.

The two hearts symbolize Robin Hood and Marian, with Robin being the abalone heart and Marian being the silver locket.  Yes, I could get sappy here, but I won’t.

The key? Well. . . I put it on because I really liked it, but as my sister says —
The key is to Marian’s heart, and she is standing between it and Robin just daring him to take it. . . 

I didn’t quite mean it that way. . . but it is funny. 🙂

I made this necklace in a choker length — because that’s my favorite.

Well, that’s my first project in honor of the Maid Marian Online Fashion Event this weekend.


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