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Sneak Peek – Marian Blouse

This is my current project that I am working on. . . and would love to have done this weekend. . . but I’m not sure that will happen.

I suppose I should first introduce you to my lovely model – Agent DK1 — Better known as ‘Ducky’!

So, what you see here isn’t quite an accurate representation of what the blouse currently is, because I pinned the bottom panel on to preserve Ducky’s modesty.

I am having more trouble with this project than I hoped for the following reasons:

  • I’m trying to get a design out of my head and into the fabric without a pattern.
  • I’m handsewing the whole blouse.
  • I seem to be running shorter on fabric than I would like.
  • For some reason I decided that I want to be able to put this shirt on without zippers or buttons. . . and it’s a non-stretch cotton fabric. . . and I still want it to fit and look good. . . that determination makes designing this SO much harder. lol.
The fabric is actually an old curtain that I picked up at a thrift store for $0.25.  I quite like the color and the print.  It’s actually a very dark navy color – versus the color the pictures show.

My plan is to have lacing up the sides . . . as I am basing it off the dress pictured below — of Maid Marian from the BBC series. . .

Although I haven’t seen any but season one, and I don’t think I could honestly recommend that either. . . but I have followed the costume studies (I love costume studies!) and really liked this dress.  So I thought I would try to make a blouse version of it.  Obviously with shorter sleeves — thanks to my shortage of fabric.

I am really looking forward to getting it finished. . . This is the first piece of clothing I have ever sewn completely by hand, and I’ve found that I really like doing it that way.


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