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Maid Marian – A modern twist

As part of the AmandaBeth Online “Maid Marian’s Wardrobe” event, allow me to present my version of a modern Maid Marian.

I believe practicality, comfort, and femininity would be important choices in what this legendary lady would wear.

This is an outfit that could be worn all day long, in town or on a hike and with complete comfort.

I chose a soft knit shirt with crocheted lace around both the wide neckline and the edge of the sleeves. For my skirt, I have a lovely tiered skirt that fades from a light brown to a darker brown.

The belt is leather and says ‘England’ on one of the double rings. Perfect for Marian!
Of course, I finish the look off with my Marian necklace.

Shirt: Elementz — thrifted for $0.99
EX exitosa exclusiva – thrifted for free
Thrifted – for $0.69
Thom McAm – K-Mart $20.00
Handcrafted by Me — Priceless
I would like to especially thank my awesome sister for taking the pictures. You can see more of her work at Missy’s Photography.

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