Details . . . Details . . . Dress Details

My sister always laughs because, as it inevitably happens, I always end up studying the costumes in any movie we watch. . . then I usually surf the internet just looking for pictures of costumes. . . and studying costumes from movies I’ve never watched and never will watch.  I’ve recently found myself fascinated by, of all things, gathers. Until recently, I’ve never seen, or noticed, a dress where the bodice is gathered like the one in the picture below, and now in the past month I’ve seen several.

This picture is from a movie called ‘Madame Bovary’. Which I have never seen. . . but I love the gathers on the bodice and the detailing on the sleeves!
Here is another picture of the same dress in a different movie (yes, they do that sometimes). I’ve never seen this movie either, known as ‘He Knew He Was Right’.
LOVE the sleeves!
I found both pictures at a place called “Recycled Movie Costumes“.
I have no idea if this technique of gathers on the bodice has a special name. . . but I would surely love to try it. Does anyone have any more pictures of dresses like this? Or even how to do this?  It strikes me as something simple, but something that adds quite a bit to the garment. . . and how I would love to figure out how to do those sleeves!

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