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Mandolin Strap: Finally Finished!

Well, it’s taken me a while, but I have finally finished the mandolin strap my Uncle ordered from me. . . I feel bad because I’ve never taken that long on a custom order before! Agh.

I thought I had it finished once, only to find out that it was a couple inches too short. It’s really hard trying to figure out how long to cut a strap when you’re doing a mystery braid in part of it and have no idea how much that shortens the entire thing.
So, I came up with a braided extension and am very pleased that it’s finally done!

I crafted this specifically for my Uncle’s ‘F-Style’ Mandolin. This picture shows the braided cord that passes around the decorative scroll on the mandolin, and the woven closure that closes it.  This was a fun design to come up with, as I had never created a mandolin strap like this.

This picture shows the end that slips over the button(?) on the bottom of the mandolin.  When the strap turned out too short initially, I had to decide how to lengthen it, and chose to do a removable extension on this end.

Here’s a picture of the braided extension. The two small knots snug up against the button and are my most used knot, known as a Spanish Ring Knot.  The big button near the bottom is a Lazy Man’s knot, and I’ve never tried that one until this project.

Here’s another view of the extension, perhaps a better one because you can see the loop that goes around the button on the mandolin. And yes. . . some of the leather lacing is dark brown, and some of it is black. . . because I ran out of dark brown before I could get to the extension. 😀

Yay for a new camera and finished projects!


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