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Pride and Prejudice: Biased

Last night we watched the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. ‘We’ meaning my Mom, Sister, and I.  When we hit the first proposal scene between Mr. Darcy and Lizzie, I ended up paying more attention to Lizzie’s dress than the story.  Yes, I know. . . that’s terrible. But Mom and Sis are getting used to it. . .They even think it’s funny.

What first really snagged my attention was that the sleeves looked like they had been cut on the bias. . . yes! On the bias. What that means for any of you non-sewing folks is that instead of lining the pattern up so that it’s cut with the grain running horizontally and vertically, it’s cut with the grain running diagonally. I couldn’t ever remember seeing this done with sleeves before. . . although I honestly haven’t been sewing or studying costumes for a huge amount of time.
Then I noticed that it wasn’t just the sleeves cut on the bias. . . the bodice was as well.  I love the fabric they used on this dress. . . in fact, I love the dress!

Here you can see a little better the diagonal angle of the plaid weave.

I could do a complete study of this costume. . . but I won’t.  However, you can find a great costume study of this gown here: Lizzie’s Gold Gown. I borrowed all the pictures for this post from Blesh at Pride and Prejudice Costumes.

You can find a very helpful article on the Threads website called Bias 101 if you want to learn more about this sewing technique.


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