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Sea Glass and Finished Projects

As I recently crafted two little trinkets. . . I thought I would share.
Up first is a hair comb crafted with sea glass and shells. . . I love all things oceany! Even though I’ve never seen an ocean.

Crafted with four blue sea gems, two small shells, and a larger cowrie shell, this hair comb is sure to grace any head of hair.  The shells and sea glass are hand wrapped onto the comb with silver tone wire.

I vastly prefer the wire combs to most of the plastic ones. . . I’m not sure why, maybe just because they look nicer.
I haven’t come up with a name for this comb yet. Suggestions anyone?

My second finished project that I would like to share is a necklace that I’ve titled “Life”.
Green is generally symbolic for life. And as pearls are precious, so is life.

A single, wire-wrapped sea gem is accented with a pear and a small tag that says ‘live’.  The clasp is a heart, which I thought quite appropriate.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I’m considering doing a giveaway sometime soon. I think it would be fun! Now just to figure out what to give away.


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