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Coffee, Cooking, and Camera Fun

Luscious Latte’s and Learning Curves –

I’ve never been a huge coffee fan. But I do get headaches quite frequently. . . and being the stubborn sort I don’t like taking pain killers.  I have discovered that most of the time I can ease my headaches with a latte.  I don’t know why regular coffee doesn’t work and latte’s do. . . I think that would be interesting to know, however.

So, due to the price of a latte (Much too much!) I decided to try and learn to make my own.  Unfortunately that meant I would need some way to make espresso.  Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?

I picked up a book from the library called ‘I Love Coffee’ that gave me quite a bit of good information on various espresso makers as well as a boatload of recipes.   The espresso maker that totally fascinated me is a ‘Moka’ style pot. It’s a little stovetop percolator of sorts.  Apparently the best are made by ‘Bialetti’, but I don’t have that kind of cash, so I started looking around in the little discount stores in the area.  The one pictured is the one I ended up buying.  It’s a little three shot Primula.  I paid about $6.00 for it at Ross.   So far, I think I’ve had more fun playing with it than I have in drinking the coffee I’ve made with it.

Never having made espresso or a latte before, my first couple were quite interesting . . . I got way too much espresso in them.  The Moka pot makes such a small ammount, that for a girl who’s used to pouring a whole cup of coffee, it’s been quite the experience learning that you really don’t need much of what this pot puts out!

I definitely recommend “I Love Coffee” if you need some information on making espresso.  I think the process has been more fun than anything for me.

Silliness with the Camera
So, I was fixing myself some lunch yesterday, which is actually very hard for me to do when I’m just living out on my own (housesitting).  It’s way easier to be lazy and snack on microwave dinners or junk food.  But I am determined to exercise self-discipline. So I fixed a nice lunch . . . but got stuck in the middle of it because the lighting on the counter was just too cool. . . so I got my camera. None of these shots were set up in any way, it’s just the way it happened.  Yes, I know, pictures of salad and veggies. . . goodie!

My goodness but that tomato is red. 😀
Anyway, hope you all have an amazing day and that you get as much fun out of the little things in life that I do.

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