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One Night With The King: Hadassah’s White Dress and Nightgown

Wow.  Finally the first installment in my One Night with the King Costume Study.  I tell you, this has been a ton more work than I’ve anticipated, and taken longer too. But the first is finally here!

Hadassah’s White Dress and Nightgown

I begin this costume study with this simple white dress that Hadassah wears at the beginning and in the early parts of the movie.
Hadassah wears this gown a couple different ways, both as a dress and a nightgown. It is composed of two basic pieces, an overdress and an undergarment.

The first time we see her, she is wearing this dress with a variegated earthy toned wrap. I’m pretty sure the wrap is simply a piece of fabric cut in a rectangular shape.

The second time she wears this, it is with a cloth belt and a simple long strip of cloth that is wrapped around her neck and covers her chest. Sort of like a backless vest.


The overdress itself seems to be slightly empire-waisted, with both the bodice and the sleeves cut on the bias. On further inspection, it also appears that the back of the skirt may be cut on the bias as well, though it’s hard to tell.
The dress is made out of a beautiful white slightly sheer fabric. I love the weave on this cloth. Simply put, it’s beautiful.

I’m not really sure what they call the shape of the sleeves. . . Whether bell sleeves or flared. They make me think of a medieval style gown. You can really see the shape in this picture.

Take a good look at the edges of the sleeves. . . They’re frayed quite beautifully.

The neckline is quite high on this one. Though I can’t quite make it out, it seems like it’s higher in the front and tapers down in the back. I’ve seen necklines like this before, I just don’t know what they’re called.

The dress buttons up the back with what look to be cloth-covered buttons.


The undergown, or shift, is a simple sleeveless garment with a scooped neckline.  The only other thing I know about it is that it’s white.


Feminine, delicate, and very flattering, this dress has got to be one of my favorites. But considering how many favorites I have, that may not mean much. Either way, it looks like a very comfortable dress.


4 thoughts on “One Night With The King: Hadassah’s White Dress and Nightgown”

  1. Wow Chip, terrific blog! I'm going to have to be reading your posts (I'm about to follow it right now), and I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and maybe leave me a comment. 😉 It seems our interests are quite similar!


  2. wow! I never looked very closely at the white dress… and I have to say, it's a very elegant dress–in a very subtle way. The fabric and cut are so lovely…. thank you for even ATTEMPTING to do something as time-consuming as a costume study! 🙂


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