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One Night With The King: Hadassah’s Orange Gown

Hadassah’s Orange Gown

I never thought I would actually like something that was orange. . . But this dress is another of my favorites. (Although, goodness knows there are very few dresses in this film that I dislike.)

Worn when begging her Uncle Mordecai to let her go to Jerusalem and also on her trip to the marketplace where she tells a group of children the story of David and Goliath, this gown has a breezy, carefree, comfortable look to it. I really enjoy the mixture of textures on this one.

The bodice of this dress is made of a nicely textured woven fabric. It is princess-seamed and most likely is lined with another fabric. The waistline ends somewhere between what is normal and what is considered empire. Without the multitude of sashes, I think the waistline might actually look a little strange. The simple, modest, scooped neckline is one I find very flattering. It scoops quite low in the back. I can’t tell how the dress fastens up in the back because her hair is in the way.
If you look closely, you can see the lines
of the princess seaming in the picture above.


I love these sleeves. Made out of what I would guess to be a chiffon fabric, they’re light, breezy, and unique. We will see more of this style of sleeve later on in the movie as well. I find it hard to describe the construction of the sleeves. They’re light and flowy, so I would guess they’re similar in shape to the sleeves of the white dress, with one notable difference, they are split up the middle and overlap behind the shoulder. You can see what I mean in the pictures. By the looks of them, I would say that they used the selvage edge of the fabric for the edge that runs free up the arm.

This is a wild guess, but the bottom edge of the sleeve seems a little frayed, like they may not have finished the edge, which, given that I’ve seen this on some of her other dresses, wouldn’t be surprising.

Can you see the little bit of fray at the edge of the sleeve?
The skirt is constructed of the same fabric as the sleeves. I would guess that there are multiple layers of this material (as it is sheer) as well as a layer of silk or lining material underneath. I don’t have many good pictures where we see the skirt, but from the few I have I would guess the skirt is a simple A-line with perhaps gathers or a fishtail in the back.
You can see the fullness in the back of the skirt in the above picture . . . you can also see the microphone control box and the cord that is tucked into her sash. 😀
I’ve also once again highlighted the sleeve.


The headwrap is (I think) two different layers of fabric, the top of which is a patterned band of, I would guess, two – inches wide. The bottom layer, which you barely see is a fabric that is either the same, or closely resembles that of the sleeves and skirt. This bottom layer also hangs down further in her hair and you can see it flutter every now and then.
There are at least two sashes that Hadassah wears around her waist. Both are tied in the front. The first and top one is made of a light two/three colored striped fabric. The second is quite bold, wonderfully textured, and has several colors.

Below is a rough sketch I did of Hadassah’s Orange Gown.
(I forgot to add this when I first posted the study)
All Photos from ‘One Night with the King’ belong to Gener8Xion Entertainment and are simply being used for the purpose of costume study.

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