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One Night With The King: Hadassah’s Captivity Gown

 Worn during her discussion with Mordecai about the King’s Edict and during her capture, this dress is actually very similar in some ways to the white dress that I did the first study on


The dress itself is made from a lightweight white fabric of some kind. Maybe muslin? I really don’t know. It’s a very flowy fabric that looks like it would make an absolutely amazing summer dress.

The sleeves are the same style as the white gown Hadassah wore in the beginning of the movie – cut on the bias and with frayed edges.
You can really see the shape of the sleeves in the picture to the right.

The skirt is very full — but I can’t tell if it’s cut as one with the rest of the dress or sewn on separately. There seem to be more than one layer in the skirt — I would guess that since the fabric in this dress is as sheer as it is, that there is an underdress, as well as a couple more layers of fabric in the skirt. Another guess is that perhaps the edges of the skirt are frayed in the same way as the sleeves. . . and might the skirt be cut on the bias as well? . . . after all, it flows so nicely!



I really don’t know what to call the layer of blue fabric in this outfit. . . vest is as close as I can come. I would guess this to be a baby blue chiffon type fabric. It’s really simple, in that it is just a rectangle of fabric with a neckhole cut in the center. Except that it does drape lower in the back and seems to have one side of the back that is a LOT longer than the rest. That’s where there would be a variation in the simple rectangle. . . and I can’t quite picture how it would have been cut.

The lower edges on the vest are definitely frayed and un-hemmed.

Here you can see how one edge of the vest is much longer.

See the frayed edges?


The belt is a tan fabric with white stripes set in groups of five. It’s also a sheer fabric. I love the many sashes that Hadassah wears before she becomes queen. I find them quite pretty… and so simple!  I would love to hear any observations you all have on this dress.


4 thoughts on “One Night With The King: Hadassah’s Captivity Gown”

  1. Hi Chip!

    I recently wrote a play about outstanding ladies in the Bible, which we will now be performing in April 2012 here in Cape Town, South Africa. Searching for costumes, I came across this wonderful blog. Being a HUGE One night with the king fan, I find the costume descriptions really inspirational. Thank you for your hard work!

    Be Blessed!


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