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Though I’m a little behind, here are a few of my projects from the recent months.

Leather Rings

A friend of mine has been unable to wear a wedding ring of any kind due to an allergic reaction to the metal, so when he came up with the idea for a leather ring, I offered to make it for him.

I ended up making a total of three rings so that he would have a choice as to what he liked best.   All three are pictured below.

One is just a plain leather band.  The second has a braided applique of artificial sinew. The third has both his and his wife’s names burnt into it.
Guess which one he chose. . . yep, the one with the names.
‘Love’ Sea Glass Necklace
This was a special order from a lady I know.  She had seen some of the work I did and wanted to order a necklace from me.  What I find so flattering is the fact that this necklace is one of two that she owns. . . because she never buys jewelry.
She really liked the ‘Live’ necklace that I had done some time past and wanted one similar to it, but in blue.  This is what I came up with.
Blue sea glass with a freshwater pearl accent and a small silvery tag that says ‘Love’.
“Who?” Purse
This is my most recent project.  I wanted a little bag to carry around a small knitting or tatting project when I needed something to do, so I decided to sew one by hand using fabric from an old pair of corderoy pants.
I used the Buttercup Bag pattern by Rae of and find I quite like it. . . I have a feeling I will definitely be using this pattern again.
Because I had never really done any embroidery and because I want to expand my knowlege of embellishments (And because that little owl was too cute to resist!) I decided to use this embroidery pattern I discovered at Lauren Resser’s Blog.   You can find her post about her owl embroidery patterns here.
Below you can see the fabric I used for the lining as well as the pocket that I have my little scissors tucked away in.
The tatting project I’m working on and stowing away in this little bag is seen below.
This was a great little project and there’s just something wonderful about hand sewing that is missing when you sew something by machine.
Keep and eye out for my next ‘One Night With The King’ Costume Study . . . coming up this Friday!

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