Historical Costume Inspiration Festival: Inspirations

Earlier last week I spoke about the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival.

I have been doing some thinking about what I could do for it. (Although what I want to do and what actually gets done are not always the same)

I thought I would share some of the ideas I have played around with.
Norman Rockwell

There are several of Norman Rockwell’s paintings that I quite like, and I thought it would be interesting to put something together based off of one of them. Something as American as that would be a really neat inspired sewing project.

After the Prom

This is such a cute picture and I do so enjoy the 50’s dresses that this is one outfit I considered.

The Marriage License

We live in a little log cabin that was built in the 50’s, and sometime during it’s lifetime someone covered the hallway wall with paintings and illustrations from the magazines at the time. There are quite a few Norman Rockwell paintings from the time and this one has always been one of my favorites on the wall. So when I thought of doing a Norman Rockwell outfit, I thought of this one first.

Though this one isn’t one I would use to inspire a dress, I just had to share it because the characters are so laughable and lovable.

Jeanette Macdonald

One of the most beloved singing/movie star teams of the 30’s was Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald. Though I have only seen three of their films, I must say that Jeanette was quite a talented actress, and her voice is stunning.

One of my very favorite Jeanette Macdonald outfits is from the movie ‘Naughty Marietta’– about a princess who leaves France disguised as a peasant girl bound for New Orleans so that she can escape an arranged marriage. Naturally she falls in love with Nelson Eddy when she arrives there.
I wish I had better pictures to show you than these.

I really like this outfit and someday hope to make one inspired by it (with certain changes of course).

(I think the above is a painting of a photo of them)
I really like her hair and the expression on her face here.

As I was browsing around looking for images of the above dress, I came across several other images of Jeanette MacDonald that feature some really beautiful costumes. I thought I would share them. I don’t know what movies they’re from, so if anyone can tell me, I would really appreciate it.

Jeanette is the only woman I know of who could get away with such pencil thin eyebrows and still look elegant and so expressive.

The Sound of Music

As I was thinking of what I could make, it occurred to me that I could be inspired by Maria’s Dirndls in the Sound of Music.

There is one in particular I like because it laces down the back, which I think a very neat feature. I would make some changes as I really don’t like the traditional skirt pattern — too much fabric around the hips. I would also want to get a little bit creative with some embellishment.

If I had the DVD, I’d get some screencaps of the back to show you.

Below are some pictures. . . I also found a really cute children’s pop-up book cover for the sound of music. Isn’t the illustration of Maria adorable?

So, what do you think? Which one do you like most and why?

2 thoughts on “Historical Costume Inspiration Festival: Inspirations”

  1. Yeah. . . too bad that the storybook dirndl wouldn't look quite as cute if it were real. The artwork is just adorable though. 😀

    I really enjoy your blog by the way!


  2. Wow! All of your inspiration pix are amazing! How exciting!!

    My favorites are the 50s prom dress, the 1860s-ish ballgown on Macdonald, and the storybook dirndl. Hm – although I really like Maria's dress in the movie too….


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