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Sewing Threw Me A Learning Curve

So, I’ve been working on one of the 50’s Dresses that I blogged about way back in April — you can find that post here.  If you’re wondering which one, it’s the first picture.

I got this cute plaid fabric that I thought was absolutely adorable (I have to take some pictures and show you all. . .) and have spent hours making it into this dress.

Then trouble struck.  I wanted to add a contrasting sash, so I worked for hours on that alone, hand sewing detail into it — and ended up discovering that it was about two inches too short.

But that’s not the worst. . . I discovered that I seriously need to do some studying on what different patterns make your body shape look like. . . because though the dress is cute, it makes me look like I’ve gained about 10 pounds.  Yeah, fun. 😀

So, at this very moment, the almost finished dress is hanging in my closet.  I know I’ll never wear it, but at the moment I can’t bear to take it apart and use the fabric for something else. So goes life.  I am grateful for the lesson.

Truly, you do live and learn.


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