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Historical Costume Inspiration Festival

Hi all!  So, for the past few weeks, (off an on) I have been working on my project for the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival.  I posted here about my ideas for a project, and shortly after that I decided which one I would do — but I don’t believe I mentioned it.   Anyway, I have decided.  I don’t have any completely up to date pictures yet, but I will be taking some soon.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the very start of my work on this outfit.  I’ll be getting some better pictures up soon.

The design has changed some since I took that picture, as it tends to do with me — I get ideas as I go along and so the garment doesn’t ever end up the way it was originally envisioned.

I had wanted the bodice to be a lovely dark brown, instead of whatever color it is now — I mean dark brown.  Think dark chocolate.   However, I had picked up a nice piece of faux suede at a thrift store or yard sale (I don’t remember which) and decided to use it and try dying it darker.  That worked great. . . not really. After two dye baths (one with RIT and the other with Dylon) I discovered that my fabric was the exact same color it started out as!  Though it cost me a little bit more money and I wasted two packets of dye, I still think it’s funny.  So, I figure I’ll just stay with that color. 😀  Better than paying $14-$15 for some dark brown faux suede.   Besides, where I’m at now, it looks really good!  I promise I’ll get some more pictures up soon.

Can you guess what I’m making?

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2 thoughts on “Historical Costume Inspiration Festival”

  1. Atlanta!!! 😀 Right on the first try! Though it is only inspired by Maria's dress and won't be just like it. I've got some different design ideas in mind. Hope I can get it at least partly done by the time the event rolls around!


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