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Fashion Feature: 1903 Dress

Hi All!

I wish I had an update on my current project (Sound of Music Dirndl), but alas, I may not be able to complete it in time for the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival.   It seems we have had quite the plumbing leak behind our bathtub, and as a result I have been tearing out bathroom walls and am prepping to take out the tub (once I figure out how to do so!).  We will probably end up replacing the flooring beneath the tub and putting in a shower instead.   Thus, that situation takes precedence over sewing (Ah. . .the pain. . . the agony!). . . forgive my dramatics today.  I am seriously enjoying what could be the last beautiful (warm) weather of the season.

Anyway, I had been browsing around the Metropolitan Museum of Art a couple weeks ago and found this dress.  I wanted to share it with you.

If you click on the picture, it should take you to the page for this dress, where you can zoom in and look at it in more detail.  Alas, they only have one picture.
At first, I thought it was just a neat dress from the early 1900’s. I quite like the colors.  However, when I zoomed in on the skirt, I was totally shocked.
This dress is mostly constructed out of a lovely striped fabric, both the skirt and the bodice have intensive tucks sewn in.  On the skirt, the effect is amazing, as the tucks end to form a lovely ruffle around the bottom.  I can’t believe the amount of work that must have gone into this! All I can say is, wow. . . and am I tempted to try it!  As if I don’t have enough projects I want to try already. . .

Ever loving life,
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