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First Givaway!

Announcing the very first
Chipmunk’s Corner Givaway!

For my 50th post, I really wanted to host a givaway. . . and up until Tuesday, I had no idea what that would be.  So I dug out a project that I hadn’t finished — until now.

You can have a chance to win
The ‘Lady Adventurer’ Bracelet.

(Forgive me as I wax fictional for a moment)

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young woman who sailed the high seas with her father.  He was the commander of a fleet of ships that brought trade goods such as spices and silk back from India and the Middle East.  He was famed for his prowess in the trading business and for his wisdom. The young lady grew up with the feel of the waves beneath her feet and the wind in her hair.  With her dark mane and eyes the color and depth of the sea, she was famed for her beauty, but those who knew and loved her realized that her true beauty lay in the sweetness of character and purity of heart that she exhibited. 
Everywhere she traveled, she collected small mementos – a pretty pebble here, a trinket there, a bit of Mother of Pearl, a bead or two.  With these, she fashioned a bracelet for herself as a reminder that no matter how pretty something is, it will not last, it is simply a trinket that may be lost or damaged.  Beauty fades, unless it is the true beauty of a soul in love with God.  

(Click on the pictures to see a larger version)

I must confess that I am *very* tempted to keep this bracelet, but as I made it specifically for this givaway, I will honor my intentions and award it to one very lucky winner!

Crafted with may bits and pieces, this bracelet is a treasure trove of pretty things to look at. With several freshwater pearls, a few pieces of sea glass, charms and glass beads, this bracelet features a Mother of Pearl disk in the center.  I trilled a couple holes in it and added the decorative wire across the center. The twisted wire rings at te end as well as the dcorative wire links are hand wrapped, as are the sea glass and the beads.  On this bracelet you will find a tiny treasure map, a key, and the treasure chest itself.

The bracelet measures a total of 8″ in length but adjusts down to 7″  You could adjust it down to 6 1/2 by clipping the lobster clasp to one of the decorative wire links.

I am not a girl who like bracelets in general, but I wore this one to work this morning and love it.  (I have to make sure it doesn’t fall apart, you know. 😀 )

Anyway, my loss is your gain.

The rules of this givaway are simple:

Each of the below constitutes as one entry — so for each one you accomplish, leave me a separate comment. Also, please make sure I have a way to contact you should you win.

  • Leave a comment!
  • Follow Chipmunk’s Corner. (If you are already a follower, leave me a comment. . . it counts!)
  • Follow Chipmunk’s Corner on Twitter. (Same as above, if you are already following me . . . it counts.)
  • Let someone else know about this givaway, either by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog.

That’s it.  The winner will be selected by random drawing.  This givaway ends at 12:00 am (Pacific Standard Time) October 21, 2010.

Best Wishes,

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