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Inspired by the Sound of Music

As my entry for the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, I would like to present the ‘Maria Bodice’.

This is only part of a full ensemble I am working on, but I didn’t have that done in time for the festival.  It wasn’t until partway through this week that I even realized that I could enter just the bodice.  However, as I have specifically designed this cotume to be flexible – where you can use just the skirt, or just the blouse, or even the bodice mixed and matched with other items — it seems appropriate that I show it off alone.

Here are the pictures that inspired this project:

You can see the princess seaming in this piece, another element I incorporated into my own project.

My main interest in this Dirndl that Julie Andrews wears in the sound of music is the fact that the bodice laces up the back.  I don’t believe I have ever seen a dirndl made that way.  Most of them lace up the front.  I also like the sleeves on her blouse. 😀

Seeing as how the thing I really wanted in my own dirndl was the back lacing, I didn’t follow the styling of Maria’s exactly.  Mine is crafted of some faux suede and the lacing and binding on the edges is bias tape that I made.  Incidentally, the fabric I used for the bias tape is the same that I am making the skirt out of.

I learned a lot making this.  I consider that construction went very well, but there are still a few minor details I need to work out.  It was a fun project, and I’m looking forward to completing the ensemble.

Sew much fun,
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10 thoughts on “Inspired by the Sound of Music”

  1. Are you serious?! The photos are AMAZING! You have an amazing sister with amazing talent who is rather perfectionist. Hehe. You look beautiful. 🙂 Wish you were coming out with Missy next week! ❤


  2. Thank you ladies. 😀

    Atlanta, yes, I like where I live. You should see it when it's all green with spring.

    Thank you, Kellie. I love the Sound of Music as well. . . so much lovely singing.

    Hannah Elizabeth, thanks, unfortunately the horse isn't mine. He's belongs to the neighbors. I wouldn't mind having a horse though. 😀

    Thanks Celine!

    You're so sweet, Rachelle.

    Elizabeth — Missy did indeed take the pictures. I forgot to credit her — but she didn't want me linking back to her because she felt the pictures weren't very good. (I disagree.) 😀


  3. Oh, so lovely! I've been infatuated with the Sound of Music ever since I was a little girl=) You did a marvelous job on your bodice – I will be looking forward to seeing the completed project.
    And I just love that first picture!


  4. This is so pretty! It fits you very well – and I love the dark brown color you chose. What a wonderful project!

    I love the fact that it is so versatile!

    (and you live in a gorgeous area! what beautiful backdrops!)


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