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Fashion Feature: 1949 Sewing Pattern

Hi All!  Oh, if only I had a good internet connection at home.  There’s so much I want to blog about — so many interesting things, sewing techniques, costumes, etc.  It’s just really hard to be consistent about blogging when you have to drive distances and work to find a good internet connection.

Anyway, I wanted to share my find of the week with you all . .  .

I found this lovely 1949 Blouse pattern in a thrift store on Wednesday.  You can bet I didn’t leave it behind!  I really like how the attached belt wraps around and ties in the front or the back.  That feature is the one reason I bought the pattern, and I think I can incorporate it into other designs as well.
The pattern is cut, but it’s in surprisingly good condition for being 61 years old. 😀  Want to know what this beauty cost me?  $0.25
Don’t you love thrift stores?

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