Friday Fashion Feature: 1884 Velvet Gown

I must confess that this particular dress brought ‘Christmastime’ to mind (as if I needed to remember it with all the lovely snow around).

I would really love to make one similar to it someday, but perhaps in a dark green.

You can find the detail page for this gown over at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Isn’t this bodice simply lovely?  I would definitely say it’s boned. I love the elegance of it. If I were to make one like it, I would choose to use a wider ribbon or binding to lace up the back — much like they do on many modern wedding dresses.
I actually like the pleats at the bottom of this skirt, and from all the fullness at the back, I would guess that you would wear it with a bustle pad. I do actually like the color — can you imagine what it would cost to make a dress like this with velvet?
Dreamingly yours,

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