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A Lovely Smile

I’m involved with a youth Accordion Ensemble, and we had a performance last Saturday afternoon at a retirement community.   It was not perfect, but it was fun.

One of the elderly ladies grabbed my attention from the moment she hobbled into the room.  I wouldn’t call her beautiful, but I couldn’t stop watching her through the whole concert.

She exuded . . . JOY!  I found that quality irresistible about her and found myself telling her after the concert that she had a lovely smile.  Now, you have to understand, she was missing several teeth and those she had left were yellowed with age — but her smile was truly lovely.  In fact, she was lovely because of the joy that so filled her.

I have thought much about that lovely elderly lady since the concert, and I have decided that I want to be like her when I grow old.  Because, as much as I hate to think of it, I will be old someday (If I don’t die young) . . . it’s inevitable.  But I want to be a joy filled old lady.

This world tells us young women so many things — so many different messages about beauty are flaunted before us every day.  But let me tell you something, those messages are wrong.  Because true beauty originates from the heart, and a joyful heart brings beauty to the face and makes a smile truly stunning.

That joyful heart is what I want, and that joyful heart is found through time spent with my Lord and Savior.

Wishing you all a JOY filled day, and a JOY filled life,
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2 thoughts on “A Lovely Smile”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Kellie. 😀 I know, concerts for the retirement homes are my favorite, though I do get a kick out of seeing little kids who've never heard an accordion watch me play. 🙂


  2. I really appreciated this story. I, too, want to grow old with joy in my countenance, far rather than any other beauty.

    The concert sounds like such fun! I love playing music with friends at retirement communities and care centers – it's so rewarding to see the pleasure and joy on the listener's faces.

    Thank you for the encouragement!


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