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One Night with the King: Past, Present, Future Gown

 “This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, my present, and my future. And all of it is yours.” 

This gown differs from all the others in uniqueness.  It appears twice in the movie; once when Esther offers her heart to Xerxes,  the other when she prepares and approaches the King unsummoned.
As always, click on the picture for a larger version.
This dress is constructed of a pale pink fabric.  As I am unfamiliar with many fabrics, I can’t tell you what kind it is, but I can tell you that it has a slight transparency as seen here:
It also has a very slight sheen to it.
The bodice is made up of fabric ‘petals’.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen another like it.
I lightened this picture up quite a bit so you could see the bodice better.
From what I can gather, there are seven petals in the front. . . and I would guess the same number in the back.  Her hair, lovely as it is, is too often in the way for me to be absolutely sure.
Petals in the back as well.
Each petal looks like it would have been made from two pieces of fabric, sewn together, then turned right side out.  I see no signs of stiching along the edges.
The tips of each petal fold over the neckline. (Please see sketches, as I really am not sure how to describe this in words.)  The tips of the petals are each anchored with a ‘jewel’.
The waistline of this dress is at ‘Empire’ height — or just below the bust.
The dress is sleeveless, but has a large bow on each shoulder.  The bows are made of the same fabric of the dress and the tails fall down about knee length.
You can see how long the bow’s ‘tails’ are in this picture.
They’re a little wilted, but you can clearly see the knot where the bow ties to the shoulder.
I’m not sure if it ties directly to the shoulder strap or if it is tied and sewn on.
The skirt appears to be quite full at the hemline, while being fitted at the bust and waist.  The midriff area is covered in embellishment, so I can’t really tell how it was constructed.
I do notice a distinct fullness in the center back, as you can see here.
The embellishment on the midriff and the skirt appear to be scattered flowers and stars — made of some kind of metallic something and beads/gems.
I’m fairly certain that the skirt is comprised of several layers of fabric.
More Pictures
Side Note:  Personally, I would deem this particular dress one that I would reserve for just myself to see, as it shows too much skin below the neckline for me to classify it as modest. 
Hope you enjoyed this study.  It feels like I should have had more to say about this costume, but it’s really not as complicated as some of the others.  I’d love to hear any input from you guys!  I am human, so chances are I missed some detail. 😀
Enjoying life,

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6 thoughts on “One Night with the King: Past, Present, Future Gown”

  1. lol(my friend)she made this dress for a high school play, set back then me and her embalished for hours trying to make the stars and other details just right we made the ties on the sholder the way to tie it up that way others could wear it and ajust it to fit right for them and ther body type we also did a under tie at the waist so it is on the inside of the dress and you pull it and tie it from under the dress to fit most waists etc, it took her 72 hours as it was at her house she worked 48 hours on sleep then she was going to go make us some coffees ten minutes later i go down stais and shes asleep so funny thanks for the study you pointed out so many details and everything love it she also did the petal detail she did a quick stich for the ones not showen and stuck a gen/gold pin and made a button like thing for the ones showen


  2. is there a sketch for this?
    i would appreciate it much if you could make one.
    its a good get away dress less the heavy beads:D

    thank you so much chip:D you made my night!:D


  3. Thank you ladies for the comments.

    I really appreciate the fabric suggestion, Joanna. I thought it might be something like that, but I really don't have much experience with fabrics. Not as much as I would like. 😀

    No problem, acacia09, I was happy to have you request that. I love it when I have requests. They make my day! Now to find time for the next one. 😀


  4. Nice job again! I really like some of the design elements and I love chiffon (probably what the fabric is. That or voile…) but I agree that it isn't something I would wear in public. 🙂


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