Simply Lovely! – Fashion Feature

Hi All!

I just had to share these lovely Regency Gowns — as they’ve some gorgeous detailing!

You can check out the details here at the Met Museum

I just love how the gowns are just a simple white fabric with such detailed embellishments.

I have almost completed another “One Night With The King” Costume Study — keep an eye out for that this week!

Happily yours,
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3 thoughts on “Simply Lovely! – Fashion Feature”

  1. KatySue – I know it — I would love to know how they did that, as it's out of my realm of expertise. 😀 Not that my realm of expertise is that large.

    Kellie – Isn't that the way it goes! It's a shame that you can't just wear pretty dresses like that everyday . . . goodness knows how often I've wished I could!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!


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