Currently Inspired: Mid-Century Peasant Style

I can’t believe it — I see BLUE sky out there . . . well, a little bit of it at least. 😀  Love that blue sky.

Anyway, I hope y’all had a really wonderful Valentines day this year and I wanted to share some vintage fashions that are currently inspiring me (though, personally, I am inspired by WAY to many things and don’t have time to do all of them.)

Yvonne DeCarlo

I really like the combination of this style blouse with the skirts.  I think they’re lovely. Isn’t Yvonne’s hair pretty?

I *borrowed* this from Casey’s Elegant Musings
The outfit in the top lefthand corner is my favorite. 😀

Oh,  I just have to share this lovely blouse that Casey made.

I would love to make something like that!  It’s so pretty, summery, and feminine! To see more pictures of this lovely blouse, click on the picture above.

What’s inspiring you today?

Overambitious with too little time,
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4 thoughts on “Currently Inspired: Mid-Century Peasant Style”

  1. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    KatySue- That's the name I understand it goes by — and I love the style too! (Obviously)

    Kellie- How cool! I am definitely wanting to make a peasant style blouse for this summer too. . . You'll have to post pictures on your blog — I would love to see them!

    Joanna- COOL! I love Josephina's clothing as well. 😀 Many years ago — I was 12/13 — a group of friends and I did a Josephina play. It was a blast! You're more than welcome to 'borrow' the pics — as that is exactly what I've done. 😀 I tend to 'borrow' a LOT of pictures!


  2. So pretty! It reminds me of the American Girl Josephina's clothing, which I always LOVED. Thanks for all the inspiring pictures… 🙂 I *borrowed* some of them for future use. 🙂


  3. So adorable – and my Mom and I were just saying that we needed to incorporate peasant blouses into the family's wardrobe this summer! Perfect timing with these pictures, they are a wonderful inspiration!

    Thank you=)


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