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Frosty Friday — Brrrr!

Hi All!
I wouldn’t say that I have anything smashing to say this morning. . . except maybe “Where’s Spring?”
This sure isn’t it:

Picture of the lake along my morning commute.

Though I do praise the Lord that it’s a beautiful day. 😀

In other news — do you remember my post on Pin Curls last Monday?

Well . . . I tried them. 😀  It took me forever last night to put them in — though it probably wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t been in such an easy going, get-things-done-whenever kinda mood.  One side turned out better than the other — because I was finally starting to get the hang of them on that side.

The results:

I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  . . and it definitely makes me want to try them again.  I have this theory, that if I do them often enough and get to where I actually understand how they are supposed to be curled, I will eventually be able to put the pin curls in fairly fast.  Practice makes perfect, ya know. 🙂

Oh. . . Don’t forget the Literary Heroine’s Blog Party over at A Maiden’s Musings.

Dreaming of warm weather,

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3 thoughts on “Frosty Friday — Brrrr!”

  1. Thick hair is lovely! Kellie, I love your long, thick hair — it's absolutely gorgeous!
    I wonder — if you're afraid of ending up with an Afro 😀 maybe try using thicker curls? Also, have either of you seen the website “Rapunzel's Resource”? I don't think she has done pincurls, but she has some lovely styles for long hair.

    Also, Casey of Elegantly Amused ( has some great tutorials and her hair is very thick – though not quite so long.

    Thanks for the lovely comments ladies!


  2. Your pin curls look darling! It takes me forever to put pin curls in, too – mainly because I don't practice very often, combined with the fact that my hair is long and ridiculously thick=)


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