Mysterious Afternoon: Nancy Drew Inspired

Finally!  My fashion entry for the Nancy Drew Fashion Week hosted by Bramblewood Fashion & A Modest Fashion Blog.  I would almost call this a  vintage/modern look, but I’m not entirely sure what category it would fall under.
I want to thank my AMAZING sister for the photo shoot yesterday afternoon — in case you can’t tell. . . we had FUN!Yes, I know I don’t fit the description of strawberry blonde sleuth – but I can pretend! 😀

I wonder what’s up here?

Checking to see that the coast is clear before examining the contents of the strange chest.
Could there be something hidden in here?

Someone’s coming!

 Relaxing after a long day of sleuthing.

Nancy approves!

Special, special thanks to my dear sister for both the photo shoot and the lovely collage she made!  If you like her photography, check out Missy’s Photography!

Happy sleuthing,
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7 thoughts on “Mysterious Afternoon: Nancy Drew Inspired”

  1. Thank you for the comments everyone! I definitely had a LOT of fun. 😀 And yes, I happen to think Missy's the best (though I freely claim to be prejudiced on that opinion. :D)


  2. Gorgeous! These photos are fantastically fun! =D
    I checked out Missy's website, also, and am very blessed by her amazing photography there. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings on your day,


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