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Made Excellent for Marriage

Happy 4th of July!

So, this may seem like a strange post for Independance Day – but I first listened to this sermon yesterday and had to share it.  It has so many practical applications.

Eric Ludy – Made Excellent For Marriage from Ellerslie Mission Society on Vimeo.

The thing is, if you are single and never do get married – all these qualities, habits, and skills will still benefit yourself and those around you.   What you do now has the power to profoundly affect those you come in contact with both now and in the future.   So many times we live for now – for what pleases us the most and completely ignore the fact that our choices today affect our children or the next generation tomorrow and twenty years down the road.

If I remember right – Eric does mention independence and freedom in this sermon – so maybe it isn’t such a strange thing to share on the 4th after all!

Aiming higher,
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