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A Musical Update

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I’ve been AWOL.   I am hoping to get back to blogging at least two times a week in January – as I am swamped currently.  But I miss blogging so much!   I have so many plans for costume studies and features rolling around in my head that it’s driving me up the wall because I don’t have time to do them at the moment!

Anyway, a little update.   I have started teaching accordion now at Able To Play Studio and will also be teaching Piano sometime in the near future.  We are set to start filming the Simply Music student and teacher materials for accordion starting in January.   I am honored to be assisting with that venture.

Also, I have been very busy with The Portatos.  We performed at the Spokane Fall Folk Festival last month and also had the honor of appearing live the same day on the KPBX Public Radio.  That was so much fun!

The Portatos now have a Facebook Page where you can see the videos of those performances. I plan on uploading those videos to our YouTube Chanel soon, but so far have not gotten there.

Here is a photo snapped that day:

Hope to be back soon!

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