Faith & Life

Embracing the Challenge

“By Embracing the Challenge, By Refusing to Fail.” -Captain Hayward from the film ‘Narrow Escape‘ (formerly known as A Thousand Men and a Baby.)
These words are my current inspiration. They urge me to go further, to never give up.  Especially now as I feel overwhelmed by so many things in life – including my music.
Currently, I have almost 20 songs that I have to learn and memorize for competition and performances with the Portatos.  That doesn’t include all the songs I need to learn to teach with Simply Music – on the accordion and the piano.
As I was looking at my list of music the other evening and was wondering how I would ever be able to handle getting them learned and memorized. That was the moment the quote popped into my mind.
“By accepting the challenge, by refusing to fail.”
Incidentally, that quote is from a movie that I highly recommend.  It was known as ‘A Thousand Men and a Baby’ but you can find it on DVD under the name ‘Narrow Escape’.

Wishing you all the courage to embrace the challenge and refuse to fail!

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