I Need More?

A roof over my head?  Check.
Food in the fridge?  Check. 
Electricity?  Check.
A vehicle to move about in? Check.
At least 1 change of clothes other than what I am wearing? Check, double check. 
Some spare change to spend as I please on something other than the absolute necessities of life? Check.
Sometimes it is so easy to compare what you have with what those around you have.  It’s a way of life for Americans.  Yet, we tend to focus so much on what we don’t have, that we often forget what we do have.
Everyone has an iPhone. . . I should get one.
Everyone has a fancy computer . . . I should get one!
Everyone has new clothes. . . I definitely need to go shopping.
Did you see the new car he/she got?  I must upgrade mine!  It’s not new, it’s an ’89 with worn paint.
Whoa . . . she’s getting a fun flash (accordion, about $18,000). . . I NEED one!
Right.  So wrong.
When I find myself thinking like that, I stop myself.  The very fact that I don’t have to worry about my next meal is a huge blessing.  When you compare what we have here in America, even if you may be considered below the ‘poverty line’ in America, we have SO MUCH MORE than most of the world does.
Do we live in little tin shacks?  Nope.
Or worse, shacks made of cardboard and anything odd we find laying about?  Nope.
The house I live in may be small, and old, and in need of repair – but it is a mansion in comparison.
Do I have to wonder if I’ll get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at all today?  Nope.
My biggest concern on these is what I can decide on to eat!
Do I have to walk for miles and miles to go somewhere? Nope.
Though my car isn’t the newest, or prettiest, it gets me where I want to go.  That’s huge.
Do I have only the clothes on my back to wear? Nope.
Though it may sometimes feel as though I have ‘nothing to wear’, that is a gross understatement.  No, I don’t have all the newest, nicest things or even a huge wardrobe like most American girls – I am quite happy with what I do have.  
In short . . . or long. . . I am rich.  Not even because of the material possessions I own, but because I am ALIVE!  Because I can live, smell the flowers, breathe the fresh air.  I can sing.
Sometimes you just need to stop . . . breathe . . . and thank God for all you have.

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4 thoughts on “I Need More?”

  1. Thanks for reminding me about how RICHLY blessed I truly am! Sometimes I can tend to be focused on all I don't have–but if I look on the other side of the world…is there anything I don't have…really? Beautiful post! You are truly “God blessed”! 🙂


  2. Lovely post! It's such a humbling reminder too. As the Bible says, “Having food and raiment, let us be there with content.” I am so richly blessed, even if I don't have an iPhone, live in a mansion, or wear designer clothes.(:



  3. Amen!

    This is a reminder that will never grow worn or cliche – and best of all, we have a Saviour in whom we can repose our whole faith and lives. That in itself is worth all the world besides! Thank you, Lord, for giving us so much!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Chip!


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