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Trophee Mondial: 2012 World Accordion Championships!

Hey Everyone!

The Trophee Mondial opening night is in 4 days (Tues. Oct. 23), and have I been busy!  I am looking forward to seeing all the talent that will be here from around the world – and I am especially looking forward to seeing three of The Portatos compete!

This past week, an article about our three band members was published in The Inlander – Check it out here.

Left to right: Gabriel ‘Yam’ Soileau, Yevgeniy ‘Couch Potato’ Nosov, Naomi ‘Potato Bug’ Harris.
Best wishes to all of them!

Then, The Spokesman Review featured Naomi!  Check it out here!

Naomi with our drummer, Sam Tubbs in the background.

The Portatos got involved with that one, as the reporter came and filmed one of our rehearsals – the video is here.

For more information about the Trophee Mondial, visit the website.

The Portatos will be one of the acts performing for the Wednesday night concert!  It will be a memorable week, that much is for sure.

Perhaps after this, I will return to regular blogging once again. . . as I do have some sewing projects to share!

Accordionly yours,
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1 thought on “Trophee Mondial: 2012 World Accordion Championships!”

  1. Best wishes to you all this week! That is so awesome! If I had a car, I would be over there haunting the entire event – lol;D
    As it is, I'm so excited just to know this is happening so close at hand!

    Accordionly yours,


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