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A Trip To The Symphony: Patricia Bartell, Accordionist, Featured

Yesterday, my Best Friend and I went to the Spokane Symphony. It was amazing.  Our employer/teacher, accordionist Patricia Bartell, was the featured soloist. It was amazing to hear her perform with the Symphony. The way the sounds melded and danced together was so beautiful and unique.

Patricia Bartell

Patricia performed Piazzolla’s Aconcagua, a three movement ‘classical/Nuevo tango’ that was majestic and touching.  Just listening to the music, you could tell there was a story behind it as the moods changed and the music grew and built up.  The mix of strings, wind instruments, piano, and accordion was perfect. I can’t describe the sweeping grandeur of the arrangement or the performance.  Music describes things that words cannot – so I cannot hope to describe this music with my words. The Spokesman Review wrote this about the performance.

Patricia Bartell

If you have never seen Patricia perform, it’s amazing. Check out this video of her performing with Grammy Award Winner Joel Guzman:

An audio recording of the Symphony performance will be played tonight on Spokane Public Radio – 91.1 FM at 7:00 PM PST!


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