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This Mess is Stifling My Creativity!

You know those lovely, airy, perfectly organized homes you see in magazines? That’s what I have … in my imagination. 🙂  Unfortunately, my imagination and my reality don’t quite mesh right now.

I am in desperate need of some organization – and I get quite overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of organizing I need to do.  I have been longing to sew, do leather-work, and create for the past two weeks, but the mess that is my little home keeps stopping me.

I’m not a natural at this organization/housekeeping stuff.  I love things clean and calm, but can’t always maintain it long.  Probably because not everything has a place of its own in my little apartment. I am also at work a lot (today almost 12 hrs) and I love work! Therefore my time home is much more limited.

So – on the upside, when I get my little home tidy again, I shall sew. I shall work with leather.  I shall not feel overwhelmed. 🙂

Dear reader, do you have any organization/housekeeping tips to share?


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