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The 30 Day Countdown Begins!

Hi Everyone! It's been a crazy awesome month and I have crazy awesome news! 🙂 I Said Yes! On May 12, 2016, I said YES when the love of my life knelt down and asked me to marry him!  The wedding date has been set and the plans are in full motion. On July 30th, I… Continue reading The 30 Day Countdown Begins!

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Monday Motivation: Negligence Vs. Diligence

Friday night, our team at my workplace went out for dinner to celebrate meeting our January goals. At that meeting we set the goals for February and my boss introduced something new for us as a team: a Bible verse to ponder and think about every month - to encourage us and give us motivation… Continue reading Monday Motivation: Negligence Vs. Diligence

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This Mess is Stifling My Creativity!

You know those lovely, airy, perfectly organized homes you see in magazines? That's what I have ... in my imagination. 🙂  Unfortunately, my imagination and my reality don't quite mesh right now. I am in desperate need of some organization - and I get quite overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of organizing I need to do.… Continue reading This Mess is Stifling My Creativity!