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Let’s Get Craftsy!

Wow!  It has been a seriously long time since my last blog post. It's tough not having internet at home and I was sick for a good two months on top of that! Life has been AMAZING and busy!  Amazing doesn't mean perfect - because life is never perfect. But wow, God is SO good!… Continue reading Let’s Get Craftsy!

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They Opened An Old Box At A Thrift Store … YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY FOUND!

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend (there should be a more manly word for that somewhere!) and I stopped in at Goodwill.  He wanted to show me a webcam he had found.  As we were looking it over, he noticed an old looking black box on the shelf below and said, "I hope it's full… Continue reading They Opened An Old Box At A Thrift Store … YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY FOUND!

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What to Sew? A Project List

Lately, I have a serious desire to do some sewing ... and a renewed fascination with vintage - specifically 40s and 50s fashion. (This may be largely due to watching Season 1 of Agent Carter) I am cleaning up my little apartment, organizing, and getting rid of excess. It's so nice! I'm looking forward to… Continue reading What to Sew? A Project List

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Fashion Feature: 1949 Sewing Pattern

Hi All!  Oh, if only I had a good internet connection at home.  There's so much I want to blog about -- so many interesting things, sewing techniques, costumes, etc.  It's just really hard to be consistent about blogging when you have to drive distances and work to find a good internet connection. Anyway, I wanted to… Continue reading Fashion Feature: 1949 Sewing Pattern