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What to Sew? A Project List

Lately, I have a serious desire to do some sewing ... and a renewed fascination with vintage - specifically 40s and 50s fashion. (This may be largely due to watching Season 1 of Agent Carter) I am cleaning up my little apartment, organizing, and getting rid of excess. It's so nice! I'm looking forward to… Continue reading What to Sew? A Project List

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This Mess is Stifling My Creativity!

You know those lovely, airy, perfectly organized homes you see in magazines? That's what I have ...¬†in my imagination. ūüôā ¬†Unfortunately, my imagination and my reality don't quite mesh right now. I am in desperate need of some organization - and I get quite overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of organizing I need to do.… Continue reading This Mess is Stifling My Creativity!

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Accordion Life Today

MERRY CHRISTMAS! ¬† I know I'm a little late in wishing that to you all, but life has been moving at light speed lately and I haven't had a spare moment to post. In the two weeks prior to Christmas, not only was I prepping for having family over, but I was also working late… Continue reading Accordion Life Today


The Wedding: Maid of Honor Dress (& More Wedding Dress Pics!)

Yay! ¬†More photos from the wedding have surfaced! Enjoy! Kiss the bride! Supporting the Groom. Hunting time .... Here you can see more detail in Hannah's skirt. Soooo pretty! Love how flows my dress turned out. I'm sitting on the right side of the truck. All the lovely ladies. At least one other girl made… Continue reading The Wedding: Maid of Honor Dress (& More Wedding Dress Pics!)